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Car / Bike Patrolling


Visibility serves as a powerful deterrent for criminal activities. HINSEF Car/Bike patrolling services can help you enhance your employee and home safety, and reduce risks such as theft or vandalism on your premises. By paying attention to every activity and the detail of every activity, our Car/Bike patrolling officers can detect any strange event so that different problems or security threats can be avoided. HINSEF is a security rendering concern that banks on the experience and the skills of its professionals who have been in this industry for a long period of time. We provide patrolling services 24/7 and have a healthy fleet of patrolling officers to perform that job.

General Details

The services at HINSEF have been customized to come in terms with the requirements of different customers. Whether you need car/Bike patrolling services for a spacious and isolated property, or you need the same for some large factory or building, our officers are right on the button with their services. They have the eye to judge a situation and have the brains to make the needed provisions to counter them. We have a wide range of services for serving permanent and long patrolling routes, and for temporary or short patrolling routes. Our car/Bike patrolling services includes:

  • Professional and timely response towards any unforeseen or emergency situation. Conducting fire watch and safety over your premises.
  • Ensuring to provide means for supporting a safe and sound workplace or event environment.
  • Performing different random and set patrol patterns to remove the element of predictability.
  • Serving for the purpose of countering water leaks, special coverage and power outages etc.
  • Foot patrolling and vehicle patrolling.
  • Lock checks
  • Exterior and interiors checks
  • Checking of the parking lots and bathrooms.
  • Patrolling to ensure that the electronic systems are working effectively or are not being manipulated or mishandled.


The methodology of our car/Bike patrolling services is to make sure that we have a consistent and an effective presence at the patrolling venue. We first understand all the ins and outs of a place or route where the patrolling will be carried out. We then formulate our patrolling patterns. HINSEF Patrolling officers keep a good eye on every person that comes within their patrolling route and observe all their activities to make sure that nothing suspicious is going on. They note down every detail so that it can come to use in case any adverse situation is faced. The maxim behind our operating methodology is to be always on the move.


Regular patrolling services are effective in deterring chances of theft, trespassing and vandalism. HINSEF patrol services are therefore an effective means to provide a safe and secure environment for your property and workers. We provide such services 24/7 and have the best team of professionals.